Pilgrimage to Uganda is an Eight Limbs initiative of Worldchangers Organization, an interdisciplinary 501c3 nonprofit dedicated to inner world peace. Our mission is to receive and share ancestral wisdom, while offering community service, and developing a scalable ten-acre eco-village for liberation, harmony, and abundance. 

Community Service

Providing sandals for foot disease prevention among the Bugisu tribe

Structural improvements for one family’s basic shelter and bathroom

Providing annual school tuition for two young girls in Luwero

Engaging in cultural exchange of knowledge, skills, and traditions



Creating a movie to show people the true nature of Uganda 

Documenting the repercussions of colonization and oppression

Revealing the original paradise of nature that exists in Uganda

Studying and sustaining the tribes’ ancient wisdom traditions and sacred rites



Creating an organic medicinal garden with local and indigenous healing herbs 

Developing regenerative products like salves and balms from the harvest

Employing the principles of permaculture and green building to plan an eco-village

Integrating with the Worldchangers’ sustainability initiative as a COMPASS center


Annual Pilgrimage

Greeting the Equatorial Spring Equinox with a morning hike

Visiting the sacred sites and natural vortexes of Uganda

Connecting with inter-tribal elders and forming local networks 

Providing a rhythmic cycle of ongoing opportunities to take the voyage


Study Abroad

Developing an official study abroad program through Trismegistus Academy

Offering our study abroad program for students enrolled at partnering Universities

Creating student scholarships and cultural 

Cultural Exchange


Uniting the Tribes

Working to resolve inter-tribal conflict and prejudice

Promoting inter-tribal solidarity and unified motivation

Empowering and reinvigorating the ancient tribal traditions

Overcoming oppressive beliefs and promoting positive magic


Festive Gatherings


Structural Improvements


Cultural Exchange


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