As we grow and expand, the best way to stay connected with our work and to ensure that we can keep you informed of our progress is to become a Worldchangers Global Network Member. While the Newsletter is a good way to stay aware of certain projects — the Membership actually gives you access to exclusive curriculum materials that are normally reserved for enrolled students attending the Three Step Program.

Worldchangers Membership

Not everyone is able to afford a tuition-based online program and a long-term educational commitment. That’s why, as an alternative to joining the online Academy, we are creating the Worldchangers Membership Program — which represents a global network of community members and supporters. This program allows us to disseminate priceless knowledge and wisdom to the general public and to the world at large — regardless of the member’s commitment level and availability.

Becoming a Worldchangers Member means joining our international family of seekers and change-makers out of a shared resonance and a curiosity to learn more. It is also a perfect fit for anyone who simply wishes to stay connected in a casual way and to show ongoing energetic support for our work.

Long Distance Benefits

The Long-Distance Membership Program will include special access to carefully selected curriculum materials and key features from the Three Step Certification Program. As we construct the online campus, we will make certain unique materials from the Program available for Members to access. The result is that Members will receive an ongoing stream of transformational content and useful materials.

In-Person Benefits

In person, we offer a range of gatherings, events, and workshops, both at our own retreat centers and beyond. Whether we are hosting an Affiliate teacher or producing and facilitating a retreat ourselves, we are able to offer discounted package-deals and access to extra resources for our regular ongoing local Members.

For example, if you are local to Colorado, membership means a discounted rate for our Colorado events, a strong community network of support and spiritual family, and access to our Crestone facilities, including the Library membership, use of our creative studio materials, potential garden space, and so on.

Financial Investment / Energy Exchange

This program is available to all active monthly and annual recurring donors (regardless of donation levels) who choose to register and participate. View annual and monthly donation options.

Member Retreats

On occasion, we may host Membership retreats at one of our centers, intended specifically for people who are interested in connecting more deeply with our work but who may not already be enrolled in the Three Step Program or who have not started engaging with our offerings more directly.

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