501(C)(3) STATUS

Worldchangers Organization is a registered nonprofit, and has been recognized by the IRS as a tax-exempt 501(c)3 “Public Charity.” This means that, under federal law, all donations and grants that are made to Worldchangers Organization by any group or individual are tax-deductible and can be written off on your annual tax returns. We are also formally registered as a nonprofit in the state of Colorado and are “in good standing” with the Colorado Secretary of State. Every donation you send goes directly into our official Public Charity account that we hold with a small, local Credit Union in Colorado.



Worldchangers Organization thrives through the natural principles of Diversity and Resilience. As any permaculturist would know, monocropping and monoculture lead to a weak system and inevitable decline. That is why, by diversifying our sources of income, we are able to maintain a sustainable (and even regenerative) model of healthy, balanced growth and an intentional, organic spiral of continuous expansion.



As an organization, we have shown a long-standing commitment to doing good work and making a sincere effort towards having a positive impact on all beings and the planet. Even before we were a Public Charity, we were already focusing our individual energies on making positive change, and on doing events where proceeds were almost always donated to an important cause. Whether supporting a project to clean the sacred water-ways of Tulum, Mexico, or working with groups that are helping to preserve the wild Buffalo population of the Plains, or raising awareness for the Denver Tiny Homes affordable-housing initiative, or collaborating on a production that could help reforest the Amazon… our primary allegiance has always been to the all-inclusive highest good of the collective whole, and to the greater interconnected system that we all comprise together.



We thank you deeply, from the bottom of our hearts, even for just considering to donate — it sincerely means the world to all of us on the Worldchangers Dream Team. We wish for this abundance to be reflected back to you and your loved ones, and for every penny you donate to multiply in your life a-thousand-fold for the benefit of all our relations!

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