Three Branches of the Worldchangers’ Dream Team
Our Board of Directors, Advisors, and Affiliates

Core Committee

The Core Committee is our team of directors, and is responsible for the visioning and unfoldment of our primary projects and initiatives or “limbs”. Our directors dedicate their time to serving the overarching mission of Worldchangers Organization — “Inner Peace on Planet Earth” — in tangible and specific ways. Using a consensus-based process to direct the progress of each individual initiative, every director earns their position in the given initiative through “sweat equity” — by making large contributions of selfless service to the projects in which they are involved, and by staying committed through the ups and downs.

Advisory Board

The Advisory Board is our council of elders, and it is a priceless source of guidance and support. Advisors may offer us encouraging advice and consultation or constructive criticism and corrective feedback. In some cases, an Advisor may be one of our Spiritual Elders who has graced our project with their blessings. In other cases, Advisors may be qualified to offer legal council or to provide tools for nonprofit development, business management, and allocation of financial resources. In both cases, we are honored to rely on the support and guidance of our elders and counselors to help make this dream a reality.

Network of Affiliates

While Worldchangers Organization is a distinct and sovereign entity, it also relies on its Network of Affiliates for collaborative co-creation and mutual support. Our Affiliates compose a powerful network of allies who share a similar mission for the awakening of humanity and who align with the same core values. Joining the Worldchangers’ Network of Affiliates opens the door for to co-promote each other’s programs or Affiliate offerings, and to exchange collaborative project proposals.