Eight Limbs

The Eight Limbs serve as an overarching umbrella to connect, organize, and coordinate the various projects and initiatives of Worldchangers Organization.
By coordinating our projects in this manner, we create a symbiotic organism composed of many complimentary and mutually supportive components.

Creativity: YA Productions

YA Productions is a multimedia production house dedicated to generating, curating, and disseminating transformational and new-paradigm content.

HeartFire Events

HeartFire Festival is a new paradigm in festival culture, combining the most ancient spiritual wisdom with the most modern performance art.

HeartFire Festival

Events integrating live music and spiritual teaching

HeartFire Fiesta

Events focusing on live music


Events focusing on spiritual teaching


January 19th, 2019

Fiesta May 31st, 2019

February 1st, 2020

New York

September 13-16th, 2019 feat. Matisyahu

September 11-13th, 2020


Fiesta July 14th, 2019

May 30th, 2020


Dates and locations TBA

Core Values

Intimacy, Lucidity, Lineage, Sustainability, Diversity, Education, Accessibility, Reciprocity, Spirituality, Healing, Celebration & Creativity


Indra's Network

Indra’s Network connects freelancers with clients and provides conscious entrepreneurs and new-paradigm businesses with the following services:



Graphic Design


Business Coaching

Custom Merchandise


Caduceus Collective

The Caduceus Collective is an artist alliance and multimedia curation of creative work from all disciplines of artistic self-expression.
It includes within itself:

Music Label (Solomon Soundscapes) – original hip hop music, traditional sacred songs, and more

Signed artists:
Wayra – Amaru (2021)
Mopacho – Shalomi (2022)
Original Currency – Renaissance (2020)
YashAkasha & Co – Rapture (2017)

Visual Arts (Solomon Studios) – cinema, sculpture, murals, paintings, drawings, stencils

Free murals painted:
Gathering Space in Massachusetts (2013)
Public Elementary School in Costa Rica (2014)
Indigenous Healing Eco-Center in Peru (2015)
Independent Maker-space in Lowell, MA (2015)
Next up: Community Center in Colorado (2020)

Publishing House (Kahuna Books) – poetry, fiction, theater, oracle cards, scholarship

Works in progress:
There is an Abyss
Hip Hop Psychology
Romantic Semantics
Rapture: An Exegesis
Wrestling HaShem

42 Ideals of Ma’at Oracle Cards
The Worldchangers Manifesto
To Be Trilogy

Adam Rising (2016) Theatrical Script

Online Journal (Scribble & Scribe) – documents the development and release of new materials

Healing: Lucid LifeCare

Integrative, preventative, and holistic wellness

Jungian & Intuitive Dreamwork

An integral foundation in various approaches to dreamwork especially Sufi and Indigenous approaches combines with PhD-level scholarly training in Jungian & Archetypal depth psychology to create Lucid LifeCare intuitive dream interpretation and Dream Yoga coaching.
This practice includes:

Monthly one-on-one sessions with individual clients

Tribal and collective dreamwork sessions with groups

Communal Counciling & Mediation

In addition to one-on-one coaching for individual clients, we also offer tribal council for couples and communities.

The tribal council practice ranges from couple’s mediation to group processing circles and traditional talking ceremonies.

Influences in our approach to tribal council include indigenous traditions from Colombia, Peru, and the States, as well as the Tibetan debate tradition, Authentic Relating & Non-Violent Communication, various schools  & techniques of psychology, and Sufi Sohbet.

Facilitator Certification Course

This course is designed to train and prepare facilitators of various Lucid LifeCare and Lucid LifeCare -related modalities. 


Lucid LifeCare modalities beyond Jungian coaching and dreamwork include T’ai Chi & Qi Gong, breathwork, several variations of seated meditation, and medicinal cacao.

The Science

Although modern scientific findings often reiterate the older, time-tested knowledge of esoteric traditions, we do recognize the importance of scientific evidence for many people and are inspired to see that modern studies have confirmed the benefits of Lucid LifeCare.

Scientific research agrees that all of these additional Lucid LifeCare modalities are highly effective forms of holistic wellness and preventative healthcare. You can learn more about the science here.

Education: Trismegistus Academy

Becoming Who You Are.


Study Abroad

Pilgrimage to Uganda – 3 credits
Semester of community service in Uganda – 12 credits

Electives (by Department) – 3 credits each

Life Skills

Conscious Cooking
Chess Mastery A-Z
Fire-keeping Skills
Organic Gardening
Medicinal Cacao
Book, Film, & Lecture Club

Sacred Traditions

Sacred Song Class
Sacred Geometry
Way of the Winds
Intro to Kabbalah
Intro to Sufism

Somatic Practices

Cathartic Breathwork 1
Cathartic Breathwork 2
T’ai Chi Martial Arts
Integrative Qi Gong

Depth Psychology

Western Astrology
Intro to Magic
Intro to Dreamwork
Jungian Depth Psychology
Men’s & Women’s Circles

Creative Arts

Rhythm & Percussion: Hand-drums
Conscious & Underground Hip Hop
Contact Improv & Ecstatic Dance
Creative writing

Core Curriculum

The Core Curriculum of Trismegistus Academy is a Three-Step Self-Actualization Program designed to help students find, pursue, and manifest their calling or purpose in life.

The Three Step Formula

Our three-step formula for manifesting dreams and actualizing one’s full potential is based on the principles of 1) Vision, 2) Organization, and 3) Follow-through. 

Graduation Requirements

Over a three year period, each student is required to complete nine semesters of course-work, attend six residential intensives, and choose at least one elective from at least four different departments. Additionally, students have the option to replace (or compliment) elective requirements with independent study, experiential internship / field work, or study abroad.

Academic Calendar

Year I

Springtime Residential Intensive I

Spring Semester Year I – Vision
Remembrance Reflection Paper
Mission Statement / Manifesto

Summer Semester Year I – Cleaning 
Breathwork Journal
Shadow Complexes Reflection Paper

Fall Semester Year I – Integration
Assigned Content Quiz
Creative Integration Project

Autumnal Residential Intensive I

Winter Break I

Year II

Springtime Residential Intensive II

Spring Semester Year II – Experiential
Electives &/or Study Abroad
Independent Study &/or Field Work

Summer Semester Year II – Attunement
Personal Chart Reading
Anima/Animus Reflection Paper
Elemental Reflection Paper

Fall Semester Year II – Organization
Assigned Content Quiz
Mission Statement Revision
Game Plan

Autumnal Residential Intensive II

Winter Break II

Year III

Springtime Residential Intensive III

Spring Year III – Wholeness
Daily Practice Journal
Dream Journal
Personal Archetypal Fairy Tale

Summer Year III – Experiential
Electives &/or Study Abroad
Independent Study &/or Internship/Field Work

Fall Year III – Follow-through
Launch & Presentation
Implementation & Refinement Report

Autumnal Residential Intensive III


Teacher Training


Blue Bird Black Cat

Blue Eagle Black Panther

Golden Lion Rainbow Dragon

Sustainability: C.O.M.P.A.S.S.

Continental Order of the Mission for Peace and Actualization of Self in Society

Sanctorum Community Center


Minimum suggested donation for visitors:
$10 – $20 per night – Sliding Scale
$5 – $10 per family meal – Sliding Scale

Community agreements:
Substance Free
Non-violent and transparent communication
Mindfulness in body, speech, and mind
Golden Rule of Kindness: treat others how you’d want to be treated, Love thy neighbor as thyself, recognize the other as a reflection and extension of yourself

Morning practice:
8:30 AM daily (highly recommended, not required)

Karma Yoga:
You get out what you put in…
Please find chores and house projects to help out with every couple days during your visit.

Examples of house projects:
Organic gardens
Building the Sufi Elemental Stupa
Building the Meditation Labyrinth
3D Mural painting

Become a Member

Benefits of membership:
Access to the Library for Esoteric Studies
Access to private study groups and educational retreats
Access to family meals
Regular updates and special offers
Access to the weekly schedule of offerings

Weekly schedule:
Monday Women’s Circle
Tuesday T’ai Chi
Wednesday Breathwork
Thursday Zikr
Friday Council Meetings
Saturday Monthly Retreats
Sunday Sacred Song Class


Use our 30-foot insulated and soundproofed Mongolian Yurt, a sacred temple space with hardwood floors, cedar walls, transparent skylight dome, outdoor deck with nature paths, a large, engraved marble center-stone, and an elemental altar-place aligned to the four cardinal directions and three worlds.

Perfect for yoga, dance, meditation, or classes and workshops of all sorts.

In the mountains up Wondervu, just 30 minutes from South Boulder, Golden, West Denver, 20 minutes to Nederland, 45 minutes to downtown Boulder or Denver!

Heated by wood-stove
Surround sound audio
Spacious interior (35-45 person capacity)
Event co-promotion available

or by event




Room rentals price range:
$500 – $850

Weekly chore board:
Each week, house members are expected to sign up for at least one or two chores on the collective chore board

House meetings



Examples of house projects:
Organic gardens
Building the Sufi Elemental Stupa
Building the Meditation Labyrinth
3D Mural painting

Ugandan Eco-village

The museum has these features

Other Centers

The museum has these features

Spirituality: Way of the Winds

T’ai Chi, Breathwork, Zikr, & Saint Peter

East: Taijiquan & Qigong

“T’ai Chi Ch’uan” (also known as “Taijiquan”) refers to the “Great Separation of Yin and Yang” and is a practical application of Qi Gong. T’ai Chi is an Internal Martial Art — which means that, instead of using external force, it trains us in an alchemy of personal transmutation. T’ai Chi can be used as an ongoing path of spiritual, psychological, and physical self-development.

“Qi Gong” literally means “Energy Work”. It trains the practitioner to conduct “Qi” (vital life-force energy) through the “Dan Tiens” (energetic centers) and “Meridians” (energetic passageways) of the subtle body thus becoming a human conduit between Heaven and Earth. We are trained and certified to instruct Qi Gong & T’ai Chi Elements in the lineage of Professor Cheng Man-ch’ing.

South: Amazonian Primordial Breathwork

Amazonian Primordial Breathwork is a shamanic practice of deep catharsis. Guided by rhythmic movement and vocalization, it alchemically eliminates the imprints and blockages in every Chakra and thus reveals our original nature. We received this particular breathwork technique from the Paititi Institute, who adapted it from the indigenous breathwork practices of the Yanomami people in the Amazon rain-forest. 

West: Inayati-Maimuni Zikr

Zikr means “Remembrance” and refers to the remembrance of God as the only reality, at one with the totality of existence. It is a form of prayer that combines the chanting of sacred syllables with rhythmic somatic movements within a seated meditation practice. Zikr illustrates the journey of grasping at emptiness, which eventually drives us inwards, where we discover the spirit and find refuge within the heart. 

The Inayati-Maimuni Order is a Universalist Sufi-Hasidic lineage founded by Reb Zalman Schachter-Shalomi and rooted in the esoteric knowledge of ancient Egypt, from which all Abrahamic traditions derive. Honoring the blessings passed between Reb Zalman and Pir Vilayat Inayat-Khan, and echoing the interfaith practices of Egyptian Rabbi Avraham Maimuni (1186-1237), the Inayati-Maimuni Order bridges the universalist Sufi transmission of Hazrat Inayat-Khan with the mystical Hasidic teachings of the Ba’al Shem Tov.

As an open Halqa led by an initiated Zakir, we are authorized to practice Zikr by Netanel Miles-Yepez, who is the current Pir of the Inayati-Maimuni Order. 

North: Intertribal Rites of Passage

Way of the Winds retreats are authorized by our Taino elder, Maestro Manuel Rufino, who carries an Intertribal Altarplace where we have been studying the Universal Initiatic Tradition for several years.

The Intertribal Altar was created during a gathering of indigenous elders in Mexico in 1983. It is intentionally designed to serve the new generation of seekers who are coming from diverse cultural backgrounds to access the most ancient Native American wisdom traditions in a new and universal way. 

The Initiatic Tradition is a spiritual mystery school of timeless ancestral wisdom, founded by Dr. Serge Reynaud de la Ferriere — who is considered the Avatar of the Age of Aquarius. He passed the tradition to his disciple, the Elder Brother, Maestro Jose Manuel Estrada, who then passed it to our teacher’s teacher, Ven. Maestro Domingo Dias Porta.

Leadership: The Dream Team

Network of Affiliates and Board of Directors

Board of Directors

Leo.svg  Yasha S. Wagner
Founder, President

Yasha is an MC, polymath, and visionary founder of Worldchangers Organization 501(c)3 for Inner World Peace and of its Eight Limbs initiatives. As an apprentice of both the Inayati-Maimuni Order and the Universal Initiatic College, Yasha facilitates ceremonial rites of passage and interprets dreams. He is also authorized to lead T’ai Chi, breathwork, Zikr, and meditation. Having completed his Bachelor’s Degree in World Wisdom Traditions at Naropa University, Yasha is now in an accelerated PhD program for Jungian Depth Psychology at Pacifica Graduate Institute. Born into the dissident Ukrainian-Jewish intelligentsia, he produces a wide range of multilingual creative work. Since early childhood, Yasha has lived and traveled all over the world while receiving and sharing interspiritual teachings and transformational practices.


Aquarius.svg  Wayra Wagner

Born to a Peruvian family in Colombia with Quechua, Muisca, and Mestizo roots, Wayra migrated from her home in South America — where she has studied the ancestral healing traditions and ancient, sacred practices of her lineage — to the mountains of Colorado — where she co-facilitates in partnership with Yasha and supports the mission of Worldchangers Organization with her gifts and passions. Cantante / artista medicina, facilitadora de saberes ancestrales y círculos del sagrado femenino, chef creadora consciente, viajera y aprendiz de la vida.


Virgo.svg  Alec Arshavsky
Co-founder, Vice President

Born to Russian immigrants in Boston, MA, Alec has been an integral part of Worldchangers Organization since it was first conceived. He has a degree in electrical engineering from Stanford University and is focused on applying technology to a heart-centered paradigm shift for planet Earth. In high school, Alec created an algorithm that automates part of the corneal transplantation procedure, which saves the eyesight of countless individuals every year. As a result, he became a 2014 finalist for the Intel Science Talent Search competition, had a minor planet named in his honor, and traveled to the White House to meet with President Obama.


Leo.svg  Naku Anu
Uganda Projects Co-Founder


Sam Newman
Grant-writer, Treasurer

Born to a Jewish family in Upstate New York, Sam Newman-Plotnick holds a degree in labor relations from Cornell University and is thrilled to be collaborating with Worldchangers Organization. Despite his academic training and his intellectual background, Sam has come to value unlearning and deprogramming above the dominant paradigm of conventional scholarship. Most of all, Sam is grateful to the Worldchangers movement for providing him with opportunities to study sacred music, ancient practices, healing arts, and especially his own Abrahamic roots — via the mystical teachings of Sufism and Kabbalah. Considering his passion for supporting the movement and his background experience with grassroots fundraising initiatives, Sam was elected to serve as the grant writer for Worldchangers-related projects.

Pisces.svg  Ashke Zinctala

Administrative Manager


Leo.svg  Pir 
Netanel Miles-Yepez
Advisor, HeartFire Co-founder

Netanel Miles-Yépez is an artist, philosopher, religion scholar, and spiritual teacher. Deeply involved in ecumenical dialogue for many years, he is considered a leading thinker in the InterSpiritual and New Monasticism movements. Born into a Mexican-American family, in his late teens, Netanel discovered his family’s hidden Jewish roots and began to explore Judaism and other religions. After studying at Michigan State University, he moved to Boulder, Colorado to study with the innovative Hasidic master and pioneer in ecumenical dialogue, Rabbi Zalman Schachter-Shalomi, founder of the Jewish Renewal movement. In 2004, he and Schachter-Shalomi co-founded the Sufi-Hasidic Inayati-Maimuni Order. After the passing of Schachter-Shalomi in 2014, Netanel became the Pir of the Inayati-Maimuni lineage. Netanel is also the president of Albion-Andalus Publications, author of many books and two films, co-founder of the Charis Foundation, and teaches in the Department of World Wisdom Traditions at Naropa University. 


Cancer.svg  Jamelah Zidan
HeartFire Venue Coordinator

Jamelah Zidan was born in the Bronx to Palestinian immigrants. She studied Childhood Education at Sarah Lawrence and Oxford University and then taught at the Little Red Schoolhouse in New York City. In addition to helping with ticketing and logistics for all HeartFire events, Jamelah is in charge of coordinating venue relations and venue infrastructure for HeartFire NY.


Pisces.svg  Maestro Manuel Rufino
Elder Advisor & Guide

Maestro Manuel Rufino is a recognized elder in the Taino tradition & World Director of M.A.I.S.C.  He is a spiritual guide, gifted ceremonial leader & teacher of sacred initiatic traditions of the world.  He is also an artist, certified iridologist, naturo – therapist & the visionary guiding the Golden Drum community & many vegetarian restaurants, including the Jungle Cafe, NYC.  Guided by his teacher, Maestro Domingo Dias Porta, Maestro Manuel has been following the trails of indigenous healing arts for over 43 years.  Currently, Maestro Manuel travels around the world sharing initiatic traditions, leading workshops, sweat lodges & healing rituals.


Nirete Llopis
Healer’s Village Coordinator


Gemini.svg  Stephanie Hope
Worldchangers Astrologer



Gemini.svg  Melita Silberstein
HeartFire CA Talent Coordinator

Melita is a singer/songwriter, folk musician, childrens’ performer, and ceremonial song-leader based out of Berkeley, CA. She is the founding member of Octopretzel, a popular Bay Area children’s band, and has also recorded and co-produced a number of CDs in the realms of both singer-songwriter folk as well as children’s music. Melita has also worked as a music specialist for young children for over 15 years. She currently teaches music classes in an array of Bay Area schools and other venues for families in the Bay Area.

Raj Seymour
HeartFire Festival Partner


Pisces.svg  Alice Feldman
HeartFire Festival Advisor


Network of Affiliates

I Am Life
Golden Drum
Sacred Arts Research Foundation
Heart & Mind Festival
Didge Project
Flowering Sun Farms
Peace Temple
The Nest
Galiana Interactive Theater
JetLAG Festival
Albion-Andalus Productions
Inayati-Maimuni Order
Charis Foundation
AYAM Community
Vitti Farms, LLC
Naropa University
Abode of the Message
Advocates of Change
Pejuta Maka
Rainbow Lightning
Mahatma Productions
Paititi Institute

Diversity: P.R.I.S.M.

Pilgrimages and Retreats for the Intercultural Solidarity Movement

Pilgrimage to Uganda


Pilgrimage to Uganda is an Eight Limbs initiative of Worldchangers Organization, an interdisciplinary 501(c)3 nonprofit dedicated to inner world peace. Our mission is to receive and share ancestral wisdom, while offering community service, and developing a scalable ten-acre eco-village for liberation, harmony, and abundance.

Annual U.S. Summer Tour


Other travels


Reciprocity: Mystic Moose Marketplace


Traditional Indigenous Crafts & Handmade Weavings

Original Laser-cut Artwork & Custom Designs

Nonprofit Merchandise, T-shirt Designs & Local Artistry

Two Pillars

Global Work for Inner Change
We recognize service to society as a spiritual practice of self-development.
We see proactive engagement in the world of relationship as the most effective transformational path for the current era.

Inner Work for Global Change
We recognize the inner work of consciousness expansion and personal transformation as the best vehicle for global change and world peace.
We dedicate our work to the benefit of all our relations and to the vision of a new, more sustainable and harmonious planetary paradigm.


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