Human beings are woven seamlessly into the Great Web of Life.

We are neither separate from our environment, nor isolated from one another. Life lives itself through us with fascinating intelligence and ferocious splendor. When we listen to life’s sacred language, we can stand in awe of the breath-taking miracle that surrounds us.

But there’s a catch:

That’s not what most of us experience. In fact, most humans feel disconnected from the world. Rather than being awake to the harmony of reality, we tend to get stuck in programs of distraction. We get lost in mental whirlwinds about the past and future. Not much fun at all.

But there’s a solution:

Through time-tested techniques, we can shed the programs that weigh us down. We can come back home into the heart. We can relax ever-deeper into our natural state of luminous awareness. Through ongoing practices we can tune into our bodies as they hold us in the here and now.

But what’s the point?

Once we are re-synchronizing with the universal flow, we become available to serve a higher purpose. We are free to carry out our mission here on planet Earth. Once we’ve cleaned the inner channels, we become conduits of peace — in other words, Self-Realization leads to Self-Actualization.

And Self-Actualization leads to Social Change:

The self-actualization process catalyzes proactive community engagement. The effects of this engagement extend out through the ripple effect and ultimately change the world. Change literally starts from within. Each one of us contains the code for the whole. We are all potential vehicles of global transformation.

Why this approach?

Attempting to impose peace through force – through external systems of regulation – is ineffective and misguided. Trying to cause social change, without first cultivating inner peace is exhausting and irresponsible.

But personal transformation and inner peace are useless if they are not translated into embodied actions. As we become more whole ourselves, it is our duty to reach out and offer healing and growth to others.

This co-dependence of personal transformation and collective change – the union of inner and outer peace – is the essence of Worldchangers. Through the Worldchangers approach, humanity can remember its membership in the Great Web of Life.

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