501(c)(3) Status

Worldchangers Organization is a registered nonprofit, and has been recognized by the IRS as a tax-exempt 501(c)3 “Public Charity.” This means that, under federal law, all donations and grants that are made to Worldchangers Organization by any group or individual are tax-deductible and can be written off on your annual tax returns. We are also formally registered as a nonprofit in the state of Colorado and are “in good standing” with the Colorado Secretary of State. Every donation you send goes directly into our official Public Charity account that we hold with a small, local Credit Union in Colorado.

Our Sources of Income

Worldchangers Organization thrives through the natural principles of Diversity and Resilience. As any permaculturist would know, monocropping and monoculture lead to a weak system and inevitable decline. That is why, by diversifying our sources of income, we are able to maintain a sustainable (and even regenerative) model of healthy, balanced growth and an intentional, organic spiral of continuous expansion.

Because we are still just developing our financial model, we are definitely calling for support from all funders and donors to help us lay the groundwork for this vision. Every single dollar makes a big difference, so please consider making a donation today, and give whatever is within your means. In some cases your employer might even match your gift, doubling your impact!

Whether you are donating a few dollars to the Annual Fund or making a one time gift, every dollar you donate goes towards building up this nonprofit in order to support our ultimate goal of world peace through self-actualization and community development.


  1. One-time donations from the general public
  2. Recurring monthly or annual donations from Worldchangers Global Network Members who believe in this work and who wish to show on-going energetic support for our mission of Inner Peace and Planetary Transformation

  3. Major Grants:

  4. Grants and Investments from Private Funders, Charitable Foundations, and progressive, conscious Sponsors of any type - we are now just beginning to work with a professional grant-writer

  5. Fee-For-Service:

  6. Sales from the Mystic Moose Marketplace (see below)
  7. Payments for Offerings, Gatherings, Services, and Events
  8. Tuition for the Three-Step Program paid by enrolled students or their families

Our Expenses Include

  1. The development of the Three-Step Certification Program of the Worldchangers Academy

    Through the Three Step Program, we are committed to providing a unique, alternative opportunity for higher learning that is far more accessible and affordable than private college tuition and is thus available to people from various walks of life. Not only are we offering higher learning at an affordable rate, we are also making it available with flexible time commitments and long-distance access for anyone who needs to work or travel or is tied to staying in a particular location. Eventually, we could see this program becoming accredited as a distance-learning / low-residency degree opportunity.

    It will take a plethora of resources, time, and energy to really build the virtual campus for our online academy and to generate and gather the proper curriculum materials. Our primary function as a nonprofit is to empower countless individuals to awaken their own innate gifts and callings and to self-actualize their highest potentials as influential contributors to society at large. Read more about the Three Step Program here!

  2. The development of the COMPASS Centers for Eco-sustainability and Spiritual Studies

    We are now developing a network of communal retreat centers, which are located on sacred land sanctuaries around the continent. In Crestone, Colorado, we operate a 100% off-grid facility, which runs off of Solar Power, Well Water, and Wood-Stoves, and includes an organic garden full of vegetables and herbs. In Canada, we are stewarding and protecting approximately 70 acres of pure virgin wilderness, which is located on a pristine lake-front and is surrounded by large mining interests. If we were not stewarding this property, the mining companies could have easy access to mine the land that we are now protecting as beautiful sacred ground. All of our centers are able to host meaningful nature-based retreats and wilderness-immersion experiences. In the long-run, they have the potential to house full-time communities based in service-exchange and group practice. Any money we make directly benefits these nature sanctuaries as temples of higher learning for sustainable living and contemplative practice.

  3. Running the overall infrastructure of the nonprofit, by building a strong array of collaborations and calendar full of meaningful events

    Rather than perpetuating the old paradigm of competition and divisiveness, we are interested in creating a network of meaningful collaborations based on mutually supportive relationships with other groups, foundations, and individuals that are doing similar work. We like to share resources, co-promote, and work together towards common goals. We are also committed to equal pay and fair resource distribution. We would like to hire as many people as necessary and possible, and we are only willing to do so if we can also offer all of them a good living wage. Furthermore, we are invested in maintaining a thriving calendar full of transformative healing offerings and life-changing events.

  4. Levels of Sponsorship

    If you feel inspired to start with a one-time donation, you can simply go ahead and do that today. If you would like to discuss the size of your contribution or receive an official receipt email, just contact us to let us know.

    If you are interested in joining our Global Network by becoming a Member, simply initiate a recurring monthly or annual donation. Membership in our Global Network comes with all kinds of perks and zero strenuous time-commitments. The level of your contribution may influence your degree of access to teachings and curriculum materials from the Three Step Program. In order to set up your Membership, simply send the first installment and contact us to set up your Membership access and your recurring contribution!

    Mystic Moose Marketplace - Transparent Accounting Policy

    The Mystic Moose Marketplace is a store that exists physically at our Wester Center in Crestone, Colorado, as well as online at our Etsy Shop. It also comes on the road with us when we travel and hold trans-continental tours and events.

    After paying the indigenous artisans and independent artists for their goods, we cover basic salaries for running the shop, and then donate 100% of all remaining profits to the Public Charity: Worldchangers Organization! So every purchase that you make spreads tangible ripples of positive influence in the world and in many individual lives! Learn more here.

    Track Record

    As an organization, we have shown a long-standing commitment to doing good work and making a sincere effort towards having a positive impact on all beings and the planet. Even before we were a Public Charity, we were already focusing our individual energies on making positive change, and on doing events where proceeds were almost always donated to an important cause. Whether supporting a project to clean the sacred water-ways of Tulum, Mexico, or working with groups that are helping to preserve the wild Buffalo population of the Plains, or raising awareness for the Denver Tiny Homes affordable-housing initiative, or collaborating on a production that could help reforest the Amazon... our primary allegiance has always been to the all-inclusive highest good of the collective whole, and to the greater interconnected system that we all comprise together.

    Why Give?

    Investing in the Worldchangers vision is not only a selfless act of kindness — it is also a direct investment in your own well-being, in your planet, and in the well-being of all your loved ones and our entire human family. Furthermore, donating to Worldchangers is a gesture of care and generosity for your children’s children, and for all the future generations. It’s in your own best interest.

    Not everyone can start their own nonprofit, their own spiritual school, or their own social justice movement… nor should they. It would be a sad world if nobody was willing to support each others visions and build bridges of trust and co-creation. In fact, we need all the roles and positions to be filled — especially the donors, supporters, and believers. Instead of each person going off and starting their own isolated project, the most meaningful and effective impact you can make might actually be to support a movement that is already working. If you’d like to make a difference today, which spreads ripples throughout time and space (and Karmically returns to feed you and your family as well)… it’s just a click away.

    Our Heart-Felt Gratitude and Warmest Wishes

    We thank you deeply, from the bottom of our hearts, even for just considering to donate — it sincerely means the world to all of us on the Worldchangers Dream Team. We wish for this abundance to be reflected back to you and your loved ones, and for every penny you donate to multiply in your life a-thousand-fold for the benefit of all our relations!

    Alternative Energy Exchange

    If you would like to make a non-monetary contribution to this project, please feel free to reach out… We are often open to other forms of investment, such as work-trade, work-study, and we regularly require quality volunteer service.

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