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Three Step Certification Program

The online academy will exist on an advanced virtual campus, available for enrolled students through their private account -- with exclusive access to rare teachings and lectures, as well as personalized support, study-groups, assigned readings and films, and helpful prompts for productivity and courageous self-exploration.

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Outline of Curriculum Spiritual Inner Work Self-Actualization Process

Level I - Threshold

The curriculum is supported by carefully selected reading assignments (such as The Alchemist by Paolo Coehlo) and a wide range of other resources and learning materials.


Shadow Purification

In this part of the training, we focus specifically on resolving subconscious complexes of inadequacy and self-doubt.

We will “sanctify the secret” by revealing hidden dimensions of our being, unfolding old neurotic habits and complexes, and exploring the suppressed and uncomfortable corners of our psyche.

This allows for the development of courage and clears away conditioned fears around taking the leap of personal empowerment, liberation, transparency, and responsibility.

After reflecting on these particular aspects and dimensions of consciousness, students will create a work of cathartic self-expression, to illustrate their own journey through the Shadow Purification process.


Find Your Calling

This part of the training emphasizes the deep remembrance process of finding one’s life-calling and envisioning one’s greatest contribution to the world. What’s your spark of passion, your vision for your life, your gift to humanity?

At the end of this year, students will create and submit a Mission Statement and/or Manifesto mapping out their passions, values, dreams, visions, and reflections about their life’s calling and planetary mission.

Level II - Portal

The curriculum is supported by carefully selected reading assignments (such as the poetry of Rumi) and a wide range of other resources and learning materials.


Alchemical Attunement and Archetypal Balancing

This part of the journey is all about developing a healthy relationship with the complexity of one’s own being. Here we will be focusing on the way we conduct vital energy in our lives.

This process will help make students more balanced, empowered, receptive, and available for deeply fulfilling intimacy and love with themselves, their loved ones, and the world around them.

It will also enable greater wakefulness, vitality, longevity, perseverance, resilience, stamina, and productivity.

Students will continue their creative process from the first semester by adding or innovating a project that reflects on the Alchemical Attunement process through a conscious process of active imagination, dream work, and internal dialogue, which can then be applied into personal relationships.


Get Organized

This part of the training engages with the grounded, sobering, practical process of outlining the necessary steps for manifesting the dreams and visions discovered in Level 1.

Students will narrow-down, contextualize, and specify a particular project or goal that they wish to manifest based on the sense of purpose they got in touch with during the previous year.

Students will research all relevant information on subjects related to their project and goal. They will form relationships and build Networks to support the work they are moving into.

At the end of this process, students will construct and submit a comprehensive outline and a specific action plan, which will provide a strong foundation for initiating their personal project and vision.

Level III - Launch

In addition to the usual collection of learning materials and recommended readings (such as A New Earth by Eckhart Tolle), for the final semester, we will be offering resources through YA Productions and our Network of Affiliates to support the practical, tangible needs of students’ projects. This includes special access to potential opportunities for everything from publishing literature to producing music, starting a business, or building a website.


Embodying Presence

This part of the journey is about showing up and living “On Purpose.” “Living on purpose” means what it sounds like -- being alive in an intentional way, where one can make the conscious choice to show up fully in each given moment.

Here we learn to attend life: to be in attendance and to pay attention to the current moment. We learn to recognize ourselves as embodiments of presence and spiritual force, and as part of a larger interconnected whole. We learn to recognize the true nature of existence.

Furthermore, we open the doorway for continuous, ongoing refinement, perfectionment, and self-development. Rather than striving to achieve an illusory goal, we learn to live each day as an opportunity for greater wholeness and awareness.

The Final Project for this level is to create a personal “life myth” or fairy-tale.



Although the process in Level 1 and 2 is crucial, it will not be an automatic and immediate completion just to put the vision and the plan into action. There will need to be an ongoing process of hard work, adaptability, and refinement in order to maximize, specify, and acheive success.

The final assigned project for the entire program is to launch and publically present the work that students envisioned, organized, and developed over the course of the Three-Step Program.

You are now a certified Worldchanger, enjoy the dream come true!

This program is based on a deep background knowledge of several initiatic lineages and schools of thought. The strongest influences include: Jungian Depth Psychology, Tibetan Buddhism, Shamanic Healing Traditions & Indigenous Cultures, Taoist Alchemy, Tantric Yoga, Practical Kabbalah, Universal Sufism, and many others.


You are one of the lucky few…

Although our program is designed to cost several thousand dollars… we are now offering a FREE trial-run for select individuals. You will receive the full benefits of the curriculum -- which will help guide you towards manifesting your own highest potential as a human being on planet Earth.

All we ask in exchange is that you provide us with constructive feedback about your experience in the Three Step Program. You will still be able to graduate, and you will be part of the first class of courageous pioneers to receive the Worldchangers Certification -- which may end up becoming a graduate degree for future classes. As we move through this journey together, you will be helping us to refine and evolve our curriculum and our format of presentation.

Why This Program

There are many programs out there that claim to help you find your calling and remember your life-purpose. But few of them show you how to follow through with that calling. Even fewer provide you with tangible tools and resources to support the process.

On the other hand, there are several programs that are designed for entrepreneurs to work on and complete projects that they have already envisioned. We do that as well, but, unlike those other programs, the 3 Step curriculum is not limited to people who are already on a mission. We start the journey by guiding you through a process of remembrance, which will allow you to unveil your inner vision and find your sense of calling in life.

Furthermore, our program is 50% focused on deep spiritual inner work, contemplative practice, and esoteric studies. This is extremely rare. Almost all spiritual paths and disciplines that function at this level of potency are about renouncing and abandoning the world.

...But we are all about embodiment and social engagement... What good is enlightenment if you can’t share your gifts and your wisdom with your loved ones and with the world? Our approach offers a new perspective on spiritual awakening -- a perspective which simultaneously empowers you to achieve practical and tangible results in society.

Can you imagine? One program that transforms and empowers your entire being… One holistic system of growth, which simultaneously addresses your spiritual needs and your practical, worldly aspirations!

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