In addition to our three-step curriculum, we also offer events, trainings, and gatherings at our communal retreat centers, which are located on sacred land sanctuaries around the continent. We are currently protecting these sanctuaries from resource-extraction and industrialization and using them to provide transformational experiences for groups and individuals.

Our long-term vision is to have four primary retreat centers, located in North and Central America, and aligned with the four cardinal directions. We have already acquired the Northern and Western properties, and are now focused on developing our community network and our offerings at the Western center in Colorado.

This network of nature sanctuaries is called “The COMPASS.” The COMPASS serves as a physical container for our Transformational School. Each center is a temple of higher learning that has potential to become a full-time community center for sustainable living and spiritual study.

The land in Ontario, Canada and the facilities in Crestone, Colorado are available for collaborations, rentals, work-studies, and project proposals. Check our calendar for upcoming offerings and retreats!

Colorado Center


The Dream House is a communal, land-based retreat center for eco-sustainability and spiritual studies. We have a fabulous infrastructure in place for hosting transformational gatherings and events.

The entire property is completely off-grid, using 100% solar power, well-water, and heated by wood stoves. Right now, we are creating a large organic garden on raised beds in the outdoor farm and growing our own vegetarian food.

We've held several private retreats, one Wim Hoff method cold training workshop with a certified Wim Hoff Method instructor, and the Colorado Primordial Breathwork Immersion with the Paititi Institute.

We also have a small store called the Mystic Moose Marketplace, with indigenous crafts and ceremonial apparel from native cultures in Peru, Columbia, and Egypt... as well as visionary art and conscious music from independent local artists.

The Dream House is also home to a large book collection in our Library for Esoteric Studies. In the past we've also housed a recording studio for professional music production with our collaborators.

The property includes one main house — which houses the initiatic Temple space, as well as a sacred garden and a Mikvah with two baths for Limpias, ritual cleansings, relaxation, and cold-training… as well as the shared communal kitchen and private Directorial quarters.

There is also a guesthouse with bunk beds, storage, and space for music production and creative work. There are three bathrooms, two kitchens, and several fireplaces on the property. There is also an outdoor shower set up between the Kiva and the ceremonial fire-pit.

The entire place was constructed as an intuitive masonic prayer, based on sacred geometry from the Hexagrams of the I-Ching and on the crystalline magnetism of the North Pole. There is a huge built-in Altar in the driveway — which features a range of sacred items from the West Coast... such as large pine-cones, green volcanic obsidian, abalone shells, sea-glass, and a Great Whale vertebrae.

The altar entrance points West, and the inner “Holy-of-Holies” region of the Altar marks the hidden entrance to the water-well and to the underground aquifer. The Dream House is located directly on top of a large, invisible aquifer full of naturally-occurring water.

A small river, surrounded by a small woodsy oasis, runs down from the mountains, directly behind the land. One elder who visited our land said that it reminded him of “Wirikuta” — a primary pilgrimage site of the Huichol nation.

There is a ceremonial Kiva dedicated to the inter-tribal altar of humanity and guarded by the ancestors of the land of four winds. We are now looking into setting up a tipi and EarthShip(s) on the newly acquired portion of the land.

And on top of all this, we also just expanded our property from 4 to 8 acres, which means that we are now stewarding twice the amount of land that we were, and deepening our connection with the sacred San Luis Valley and the Sangre de Cristo Mountains.

The Sacred Land

All land is sacred... but here, you can feel how strong the energy is as soon as you walk outside. It is one of those rare and sensitive power places where the ground emanates tangible pulsations of energy that directly influence human consciousness. This is a very holy place. The region is filled with giant crystal formations, hot-springs, and sand-dunes.

For thousands of years, the native cultures called this the bloodless valley, and gathered here to celebrate PEACE... Since the ancient days, this was considered an official non-violent region — a no-man's land where warfare and conflict was strictly forbidden — so that the people could come together for inter-tribal gatherings, ceremonies and prayers on the sacred land.

The name of the mountain range is the “Sangre de Cristo” Mountains — which means “Blood of Christ” in Spanish and symbolically represents the quality of great compassion. Now, due to visions and messages from the Spirit, this whole town has become a vortex of temples, monasteries, stupas, and spiritual retreat centers. This is a very magical place - it is a destination on many pilgrimages and continues to be an important vortex of conscious culture in the modern age.

Other Operations of the Wester Center

Beyond the Dream House Center in Crestone, we also operate throughout Colorado and regularly go on tour to the West Coast. One of our primary centers of activity is in Boulder, Colorado, where we have held countless events, including our first ever Visionary Council. For Earth Day in 2017 we hosted a Boulder-based grassroots Hip Hop event to raise awareness about the Denver Tiny Homes initiative for sustainable solutions to homelessness. In 2018, we collaborated with Naropa University and DJ Cavem for another public Hip Hop event on Earth Day, this time combined with a Permaculture Action initiative.

Canada Center


At the moment, we have already acquired our Northern Center (or “Nordica”), which is located on seventy acres of gorgeous virgin wilderness in Ontario, Canada. The Nordica land is directly bordering a massive lakefront and comes with all the benefits of an undeveloped and remote territory. We could envision using the space for deep wilderness immersion retreats and nature-based introspection intensives.

Nordica is positioned on the last frontiers of pristine, undamaged environment, bordering many thousands of acres of well preserved wilderness, filled with diverse wildlife and rare geological formations. The closest etymological meaning for the name of the lake we are on would translate as “belonging to the royal line of the power of peace.”

Eastern Center


Another common center of activity for the Worldchangers Organization is on the North East Coast of the United States — especially in the vicinity of New York State. We have a wide array of allies and collaborators in this region, and definitely envision it becoming the home of our Eastern Center.

In coming years, we are planning to launch a very large and exciting annual gathering in the Ester region of New York State. The gathering will be called the HeartFire Festival of Prayer and will combine a full-scale transformational Music Festival with a high quality InterSpiritual Summit. “When prayer meets celebration, sparks will rise!”

HeartFire Festival will feature some of the biggest headlining celebrity artist names in the modern festival scene, as well as teachings and practices led by established wisdom-keepers and lineage-holders of spiritual and mystical traditions from around the world.

It will be a substance free event with a genuine, traditional sacred fire, tended by masterfully trained and initiated practitioners of ancient indigenous ceremony work. There will also be encampments and workshops coordinated by local foundations and movements, and guest-appearances by some of the greatest visionary artists of our day and age.

We will be partnering with luminary companies and potential sponsors that are spearheading efforts to save and heal the planet and its inhabitants at a global scale of big-money influence. In exchange, we will be raising awareness (and perhaps eventually funds) for current initiatives to reforest the Amazon rainforest.

In preparation for the big launch in 2020, we might hold a smaller, intimate trial-run of the event in 2019. Contact us if you are interested in supporting, collaborating, or participating in this vision.

There is absolutely no festival out there that even remotely resembles this level of purity, quality, professionalism, and real, genuine access to spiritual traditions and ancient wisdom. By joining the best of the music festival world with a progressive peace conference and well-curated InterSpiritual Summit, we are merging two great oceans to create a novelty development in the realms of culture, spirituality, and the arts. This is meant for seekers, innovators, creatives, and fans of all shapes and sizes.

Southern Center


We are also connected to the Yucatan Peninsula of Southern Mexico and the Mayan territories surrounding the region of Tulum. We often visit this region and have a few collaborators and networks to co-create with in the area. In 2016, we worked with Galiana Interactive Theater and Ahau Tulum to create a powerful performance of the Dreamcatcher play for New Years in a beautiful cenote — followed by classes from a local teacher of Mayan Astrology. All proceeds from the event were donated to an environmental stewardship initiative to clean and restore the sacred waterways of Tulum. We feel that Mexico could eventually become the perfect location for our Southern Center.

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